Bernadette Christol

Bernadette Christol (1934 – 2011) was a French dermatologist.

Eponymously remembered for the recognition of Bazex-Dupré-Christol syndrome (1964).

  • Born in 1934
  • 1959 – MD, University of Toulouse
  • Department of Dermatology, University of Toulouse, La Grave Hospital
  • Died in 2011

Medical Eponyms
Bazex-Dupré-Christol syndrome (1964)

X-linked dominant disorder characterized by a triad of congenital hypotrichosis; follicular atrophoderma (affecting the dorsum of the hands, feet, the face and extensor surfaces of the elbows or knees); and basal cell neoplasms (including basal cell nevi and basal cell carcinomas). Onset usually in the second decade of life.

Bazex, Dupré and Christol reported a syndrome comprising hypotrichosis, follicular atrophoderma, and multiple basal cell neoplasms in 1964 and 1966.

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