Category Neurology
Jules Sottas (1866–1945) 340

Jules Sottas

Jules Sottas (1866–1945) was a French neurologist, historian and astronomer. Dejerine-Sottas Disease (1893)
Alix Joffroy (1844 – 1908) 1

Alix Joffroy

Alix Joffroy (1844 - 1908) was a French neurologist and psychiatrist. Eponymously affiliated with Joffroy sign in Graves ophthalmopathy
Woltman sign 680

Woltman sign

Woltman sign of myxedema: Slowness of both the contraction and the relaxation of muscles in hypothyroid patients, best seen as the “hung-up” ankle jerk and occurring because of mechanical factors and slowness of contraction time, as in myotonia and pseudomyotonia

Hugo Spatz

Biography Born 2 September 1888, Munich Died 27 January 1969 Medical Eponyms Key Medical Contributions Major Publications Controversies References Biography Archiv für Psychiatrie und Zeitscrift für Neurologie 1965;207:165–67

Hallervorden-Spatz Disease

Description Rare autosomal recessive neurodegenerative disorder associated with iron accumulation in the brain nuclei and characterized by progressive extrapyramidal dysfunction and dementia. by dystonia, parkinsonism, and iron accumulation in the brain History Associated Persons Julius Hallervorden (1882–1965) Hugo Spatz (1888…