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CCC Critical Care Compendium 680


Levetiracetam (keppra) is a drug used as an anticonvulsant as monotherapy, or an adjunct, and as a Tier 2 agent in status epilepticus.
Thomas Bentley Throckmorton (1885-1961) 680

Tom Throckmorton

Tom Bentley Throckmorton (1885-1961) was an American neurologist. Eponym: Throckmorton sign (John Thomas sign); Throckmorton reflex
Jules-Joseph Déjerine (1849-1917) 680

Jules-Joseph Dejerine

Jules-Joseph Déjerine (1849 - 1917) was a French neurologist. Jules-Joseph Déjerine (1849 - 1917) was a French neurologist. Eminent neurologist of the French 'classical neurology' era along with Brissaud, Marie and Babinski.
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Klumpke Palsy

Lower brachial plexus injury, with consequent weakness and wasting of the C8–T1 musculature. Augusta Klumpke (1859-1927)
Wallenberg Syndrome 340

Wallenberg Syndrome

Wallenberg Syndrome: neurological disorder with a variety of symptoms associated with posterior circulation ischaemic stroke. [AKA lateral medullary syndrome or posterior inferior cerebellar artery syndrome]