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John J Osborn

John J Osborn (1917 – 2014) was an American intensivist, pediatrician and inventor. Eponym: 'current of injury' Osborn wave - 1953
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Paediatric analgesia

Great pediatric care requires excellent pain management, and excellent pain management requires the recognition that sucrose is not a pain medication.
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West syndrome

West Syndrome (Infantile Spasms) - Triad of infantile spasms, developmental delay and hypsarrhythmia on EEG. First described by William James West on his son in 1841
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Nadia Sakati

Nadia Awni Sakati, Syrian-Saudi pediatrician. Eponymously affiliated with 3 rare genetic syndromes: Sakati-Nyhan-Tisdale syndrome (1971); Woodhouse–Sakati syndrome (1983); and Sanjad-Sakati syndrome (1991)

Thomas Cooley

Thomas Benton Cooley (1871 - 1945) was an American pediatrician and haematologist. Cooley Anemia (1925) [Thalassemia major]