Tomorrow’s Medicine Today

The exciting possibilities for tomorrow’s medicine are endless.

There’s the chance that we could revolutionise diagnostics with AI.

There’s the opportunity for us to use smart phones and wearable technology to allow health professionals to deliver care outside of hospitals.

There’s the possibility to use 3D printing to manufacture drugs at local pharmacies, personalising drug treatment for individual patients.

These are all possible with technologies that exist today.

However, on average, it takes 17 years to implement new technology.

How can we change this?

We must never stop asking the questions that begin with – “what if”.

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Rick Body

Professor of Emergency Medicine. Honorary Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Director, Manchester Diagnostics and Technology Accelerator (DiTA) [@richardbody]

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Oliver Flower, staff specialist in Intensive Care Medicine at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney | NeuroResus |

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