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David Rosengren Crystal Cave

The Crystal Cave

The Crystal Cave - Naica, Mexico. Along with TV journalist Michael Usher and crew (cameraman Andy Taylor and soundman Chick Davies), I was invited along to provide medical support.
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Expedition and Wilderness Medicine

The scope of wilderness medicine combines traditional medical specialities, particularly emergency medicine, sports medicine, military medicine and general practice, with pre-hospital care and rescue skills.
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Lightning Injuries

An expert panel from last year's Wilderness Medical Society Annual Meeting have produced Guidelines for the Treatment and Prevention of Lightning Injuries
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Stop peeing on it!

Many beach locations recommend the use of vinegar for jellyfish stings, and some go so far as to stock it at lifeguard(surf rescue) stations. But why did they decide to do that? Were there lots of studies performed?
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Kokoda Medicine

The popularity of the Kokoda Trail has increased dramatically over the last decade. More and more Australians are making the arduous trek through the muddy, steep terrain of the Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea.