Sean Rothwell

Emergency physician with a passion for Wilderness Medicine, emergency ultrasound, echocardiography and health management. Working with adventure companies to provide medical assistance in extreme and remote areas | @Rothy001 | LinkedIn |
David Rosengren Crystal Cave
The Crystal Cave
The Crystal Cave - Naica, Mexico. Along with TV journalist Michael Usher and crew (cameraman Andy Taylor and soundman Chick Davies), I was invited along to provide medical support.
100 Years from ANZAC Cove
Today, ANZAC Day, represents the 100 year anniversary of the entry of Australia and New Zealand into the battle of the Great War.  In many ways, it defined our nationhood and marked the time in history where our two nations…
EBM Gone Wild snow 340
Expedition and Wilderness Medicine
The scope of wilderness medicine combines traditional medical specialities, particularly emergency medicine, sports medicine, military medicine and general practice, with pre-hospital care and rescue skills.
Pulmonary Puzzler 340
Above the clouds
Environmental Enigma: One of your colleagues tells you he is going to climb Mt Kilimanjaro next month. He has never been to altitude before and asks you how he can prevent altitude sickness while on his trek...
EBM Gone Wild Mountain 340
Lightning Injuries
An expert panel from last year's Wilderness Medical Society Annual Meeting have produced Guidelines for the Treatment and Prevention of Lightning Injuries
CCC Critical Care compendium 340
Exercise Associated Hyponatraemia
A recent coroner’s finding about the death of a Tasmanian bushwalker has reinforced the need for awareness of Exercise Associated Hyponatraemia, particularly in those participating in prolonged exercise and ultra-endurance events.   What is EAH? What causes EAH? Exercise associated…
First Do No Harm
As I’ve become balder and more grey, I have come to think about the health system as much as the delivery of acute care.  This is another advantage of FOAMed.  It allows you to broaden your horizons and still stay…