Developing EM, Brazil 2014

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This candid interview with Lee Fineberg and Mark Newcombe, conference organisers for DevelopingEM Brazil 2014, looks at what the upcoming conference has in store. Developing EM is a conference with a reputation for ethics, innovation and action in the arena of emergency medicine in the developing world.

The video interview touched on the highlights of last year’s conference in Cuba and discusses the sustainable aspects that came out of the educational congregation. These themes are part of the core philosophy of this conference and is one of the reasons it has been labelled as a “conference with a conscience”. Last year’s LITFL Developing EM interview with the two conference organisers covered in more detail the aspirations of this conference and why it is unique.

So, what is so good about Developing EM? According to Nat Thurtle, who is health advisor with Médecins Sans Frontières and is an Emergency Medicine Registrar, the great things are “the ethics, the true innovation and the heart”. So if you are passionate about the development of the speciality, or even slightly interested in getting involved and making a positive impact in the global scene of Emergency Medicine, then this is the conference for you.

Check out the official Developing EM website and follow @developingem on Twitter.

We also hope that you can have fun in the sun this September (8-12th) at Salvador, Brazil 2014!

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