Distal VUJ stone: Case 1

This patient presented with right-sided groin pain, nausea, vomiting and gross haematuria.

What does this image show?

Renal kidney posterolateral long right
Renal ultrasound Distal VUJ Stone 001 01
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  • This image shows the right kidney in longitudinal section, the lower pole is partially obscured by bowel gas.
  • The is mild prominence of the renal pelvis, but this is within normal limits.
  • There is no hydronephrosis or hydroureter.
  • There are no intrarenal calculi evident.
  • There is no perinephric renal fluid – a common finding in acute renal colic.

Convinced the patient has a ureteric calculus, you search the ureter for a stone.

What does this clip show?

Renal ureter pelvic brim long right 1
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  • This clip shows the distal right ureter in longitudinal section.
  • There is mild hydroureter, which can be followed down to an obstructing calculus.
  • Colour Doppler is applied to demonstrate twinkle artefact of the calculus.

What does this transverse image of the bladder demonstrate?

Pelvis Trans Midline
Renal ultrasound Distal VUJ Stone 001 02
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  • This image shows a normal appearing right ureteric jet
  • The presence of this jet with the absence of hydronephrosis means the VUJ stone is non-obstructive.

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