Distal VUJ stone: Case 4

Abrupt onset of right iliac fossa pain, persisting colicky pain overnight.  What does this image show?

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  • This image shows the right kidney in longitudinal section.
  • There is mild hydronephrosis and proximal hydroureter that becomes obstructed by dirty shadow from bowel gas on the right of the image.
  • A thin line of perinephric fluid sits at the inferior pole.

What does this image show?

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  • This image shows the right kidney in a transverse section.
  • There is mild hydronephrosis.
  • The left side of the image drops out secondary to poor probe contact.

What does this image show?

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  • This is a transverse image of the bladder.
  • Colour Doppler at the VUJ shows a left ureteric jet.
  • After search for a right ureteric jet for 2 minutes, none is demonstrated. Indicating possible right ureteral obstruction.
  • Normal ureteral peristalsis occurs on average every 20 seconds.

What does this longitudinal image of the bladder demonstrate?

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  • There is an echogenic focus with posterior shadowing 1 cm from the right VUJ associated with hydroureter.
  • TGC (Time Gain Compensation) is appropriately adjusted in this image, required for all images with posterior acoustic enhancement from cystic structures. [LINK to TGC EXPLAINATION]

What does this longitudinal section of the bladder show?

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  • This image shows the bladder in a longitudinal cross section at the right VUJ.
  • Do not forget to utilize Twinkle Artefact when searching for a possible calculi.

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