EMI 024 Come to Australia SMACC 2019

Come to Sydney for SMACC2019 the last Hurrah!

…there are so many interesting ways to die  things to see

Before the emails start – NOT ALL the animals will actually kill you…the taipan is in fact a death adder; the tiger snake is, well not a tiger snake; hermit crabs are generally innocuous (as are koala bears); necrotising arachnoidism is more the hallmark of the brown recluse spider than the white tail spider; – but ‘fair crack of the whip’ we have some deadly natives here and accidental death is certainly a possibility…

Australia is a country that exists on a vast scale. It is the only island that is also a continent and the only continent that is also a country. Despite being the most desiccated, infertile, and climatically aggressive of all inhabited continents, it teems with life. In fact, Australia has more things that can kill you in extremely nasty ways than anywhere else: sharks, crocodiles, the ten most deadly poisonous snakes on the planet, fluffy yet toxic caterpillars, seashells that actually attack you, and the unbelievable box jellyfish (don’t ask). The dangerous riptides of the sea and the sun-baked wastes of the outback both lie in wait for the unwary. It’s one tough country.”

Bill Bryson ‘In a Sunburned Country’

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