EMI 028 Anti-Arrhythmic Sickness

Part of the Medical Music project – this song was one of the 5 songs on the Pramänik MDMC® demo album: “One Third Of One Percent… the EP

Musical Mnemonics with Animated Music & Lyrical videos gave me the best adjunct to conventional medical review and dry, constipated textbooks (snooze), and what got me above a 245 (99%) in my U.S. Medical Licensing Exam. Now I’m on a quest.


Unfortunately the videos are not on YouTube anymore. However, the Bandcamp account still exists with the following albums:


Anti-Arrhythmic Sickness

Class 1 – Sodium channel blockers
Class 2 – Gotta be the Beta Blockers
Class 3 – Like Sotalol and Amiodarone
Class 4 – Calcium Channel Blockers

Quinidine and Procainamide both Class Ia
Blocks activated sodium influx one way
Pro-cain- amide – making the runway
Class I one day – Class III another day

Another way – to say it, it’s acetylated
in the liver prolongs the refractory period
Got some serious side effects – anti-histones
Sort of like Lupus – SLE-like Syndrome

Diso – pyramide – is not really perfect
cause of side effects that are anti-cholinergic
Quinidine – slowing the rise of phase Zero
Prolongs refractory period as well ditto

Toxicities – includes a wide QRS
The twisting of points – Torsades – you are correct!
ANS side effects – we call it Cinchonism
Medicine and Music – we call it synergism

Fight the pain – Class Ib – is lidocaine
Decreased duration of the action potential
For ventricular arrhythmias post-MI
or cardiac surgery for abnormal re-entry

It’ll take me a century – to get all these words
But if I know one thing – Lidocaine affects the nerves
1a lengthens – 1b shortens up the curve
you know it’s too much when a patient’s speech is slurred. Let’s go!

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  1. Man, I loved this song for all my paramedic students, I was trying to find it to share with my colleagues going through medical school and this is about the only trace of it ever existing that I could find. If anyone has a link or way to share it I would love to get a copy!

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