Ferdinand-Jean Darier

Ferdinand-Jean Darier (1856-1938) was a Hungarian born, French dermatologist and physician.

Darier came to be known as the father of modern dermatopathology in France

  • Born 26 April 1856 in Budapest, Hungary
  • 1925-1935 Mayor of Longpont sur Orge
  • 1936 – Chief editor Nouvelle Pratique Dermatologique
  • Died 4 June 1938 in Longpont

Medical Eponyms
  • Darier disease [maladie de Darier]
  • Darier syndrome (1889) [syndrome de Darier; Darier-White syndrome]
  • Darier sign – Rubbing an area of skin affected by mastocytosis activates the mast cells, the skin becomes erythematous, oedematous and pruritic in a matter of minutes. In young children, the area may progress to a blister.
  • Darier – Roussy sarcoid (1904) cutaneous expression of systemic sarcoidosis with symmetrically distributed subcutaneous nodules usually on the extremities.
  • Darier – Ferrand sarcoid (1924)

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