Francis Sibson

Francis Sibson (1814 – 1876) was an English anaesthetist.

  • Born 21 May 1814 in Cross Canonby, England
  • Died 7 September 1876

Medical Eponyms

Key Medical Attributions

Major Publications
  • Sibson F. On the changes induced in the situation and structure of the internal organs, under varying circumstances of health and disease; and on the nature and external indications of these changes. Trans Prov Med Surg Assoc 1844; 12: 307
  • Sibson F. Remarks on the action of narcotic poisons; the effects of chloroform, and the stages of insensibility produced by it. Treatment of cases of poisoning by the vapour. London Med Gaz 1848; 6: 267
  • Sibson F. On death from chloroform. London Med Gaz 1848; 7: 108
  • Ord WM. Collected works of Francis Sibson in 4 Volumes. 1881 [Volume I; Volume II; Volume III; Volume IV]



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