Fritz Valdemar Rasmussen

Fritz Valdemar Rasmussen (1837-1877) was a Danish physician.

Rasmussen was educated in the pathological anatomy close of clinical medicine. His special interest was the chest and he founded a medico-pneumatic department with a clinic for breast diseases in the Kommunehospitalet, Copenhagen.

Rasmussen recorded cases of massive haemoptysis secondary to pulmonary artery aneurysm in association with tuberculosis – eponymously termed the Rasmussen aneurysm


  • Born 28 August 1837 Århus, Jutland
  • 1860 – MD, Copenhagen
  • 1861 – Studied anatomy in Berlin under Virchow
  • 1862 – Physician training Kommunehospitalet and prosector in the pathological-anatomical museum
  • 1863 – Physician at Almindelig Hospital, Copenhagen
  • 1864 – Chief physician, military hospital in the castle of Frederiksborg (war with Germany over Schleswig-Holstein)
  • 1866 – Doctoral thesis; Ueber die Entwicklungsverhältnisse der Echinococcen beim Menschen
  • 1866 – Co-editor of the Hospitals-Tidende Journal
  • 1868-1874 Privatdocent of pathological anatomy, University of Copenhagen
  • 1870-1875 Led a ‘mixed’ medical-surgical department at the Kommunehospitalet
  • 1874 – Chair of pathological anatomy and general pathology, University of Copenhagen
  • Died 22 February 1877

Medical Eponyms

  • Rasmussen aneurysm (1868) pulmonary artery aneurysm adjacent to, or within a tuberculous cavity. Uncommon and potentially lethal (secondary to massive haemoptysis) complication of pulmonary tuberculosis

Major Publications


  • Bricka CF. Rasmussen, Frits Valdemar (1833-1877). Dansk biografisk Lexikon p506-507
  • Chatterjee K, Colaco B, Colaco C, Hellman M, Meena N. Rasmussen’s aneurysm: A forgotten scourge. Respir Med Case Rep. 2015 Aug 12;16:74-6 [PMC4681976]
  • Sapra R, Sharma G, Minz AK. Rasmussen’s aneurysm: A rare and forgotten cause of hemoptysis. Indian Heart J. 2015 Dec;67 Suppl 3:S53-6. [PMC4798981]
  • Portrait: Rasmussen, Fritz Valdemar Det Kongelige Bibliotek – The Royal Library

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