Garrett Pipkin

Francis Garrett Pipkin (1904-1981) was an American orthopedic surgeon

Kansas City based orthopedic surgeon, co-founder and former president of the Spectators Orthopedic Correspondence Club

Eponymously affiliated with the Pipkin classification of femoral head fractures commonly associated with hip fracture-dislocations


  • Born 22 Jun 1904 Kansas City, USA
  • Medical graduate of Washington University, St. Louis
  • Orthopedic surgeon in Kansas City at St. Joseph Hospital, Kansas City General Hospital, Baptist Memorial Hospital and Trinity Lutheran Hospital.
  • Major in the Army Medical Corps during World War II
  • 1947 – Founding member of Association of Bone and Joint Surgeons
  • 1950 – President of Association of Bone and Joint Surgeons
  • Died 14 August 1981

Medical Eponyms

Pipkin classification of femoral head fracture (1957)

Femoral head fractures are relatively uncommon and are typically associated with hip dislocations after severe high-impact trauma such as a motor vehicle collision. Hip fracture-dislocations are clinical emergencies requiring immediate reduction to prevent osteonecrosis. The Pipkin classification system (1957) is the most-frequently used system for classification of femoral head fractures.

Major Publications


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Dr Dean Fulford, reformed orthopaedic surgeon now Anaesthetics trainee | @footydeanoLinkedIn |

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