Georges C. Noulis

Georges C.Noulis (1849-1919)

Georges C. Noulis (1849-1919) was a Greek surgeon.

Noulis, wrote a thesis entitled “Sprains of the knee” in which he described with great precision the role of the ACL and how to test its integrity on the knee in extension. On May 3, 1875, he defended his thesis before a committee at the University of Paris School of Medicine.

Noulis accurately described the role of the ACL, and showed how the integrity of the ligament should be tested with the knee in extension. The method Noulis defined is identical to that more commonly defined as the Lachman Test.

Paessler’s paper in 1992 credits Noulis as being the first to describe the physical finding 117 years after it’s first formal description.


  • Born 1849
  • 1866 – Graduated Zosimea School in Ioannina with honours
  • 1871 Graduated from University of Athens School of Medicine with honours
  • 1872 – 5 year scholarship to the University of Paris Faculty of Medicine
  • 1875 – Presented his doctoral thesis on sprains of the knee
  • Returned to practice surgery in Ioannina, Ottoman Empire
  • 1897 – Chief surgeon Instanbul hospital
  • 1899 – President of the Committee on Biological Sciences
  • Died 1919

Medical Eponyms

Lachman Test (1976)

“…fixes the thigh with one hand; with the other hand hold the leg just below the knee with the thumb in front and the rest of the fingers behind; then try to push the tibia forward and backward … When only the ACL is broken, forward movement is seen when the knee is slightly flexed…”

Noulis GC, 1875

Major Publications

  • Noulis GC. Entorse du genou. Thèse pour le doctorat en medicin N° 142. Fac Med Paris 1875


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English doctor, Southamptom graduate BM BS, training in emergency medicine in Perth, Australia

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