Glandular Alphabetum

Trawling the internet for useful resources on histology…late on a Friday night (= nerd), I happened across this amazing alphabetum made from glands!

Dr. Ma. Ivy Clemente took these microscope photos of glandular structures from Fibroadenoma (benign breast tumor) and Nodular Prostatic Hyperplasia (non-cancerous prostate growth) cases

Glandular alphabetum

This inspired me to keep looking, and I found a sample chapter (Chapter 7 Nervous System) of the much anticipated 2nd edition of Functional histology by Dr Jeffrey B. Kerr – Some amazing histologic images that come closer to what is seen down the microscope than any other source I have found. Amazing images, beautifully presented, well worth a look.

Pathology must be really boring sometimes…all that purple and pink and cold laboratory environment. So who can blame them for being excited when they chance upon a pareidolic experience, a Wolkenkuckucksheim if you like where the pathologist finally has the chance to say ‘Bad news: you have a tumor. Good news: it’s really cute!

Invasive squamous cell carcinoma puppy
Invasive squamous cell carcinoma of vulva that wanted to be a puppy
The smiling osseous trabecula
The smiling osseous trabecula

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