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LITFL Medical Humor 340

Back in Black

After checking the patient’s observations and refitting his oxygen mask, the nurse heard the patient ask: “Are my testicles black?” The nurse raised his eyebrows, then spoke in his Scottish brogue, “I’ll check if you like”. The nurse lifted up…

LITFL Medical Humor 340

Retrieval 101

A footballer has sustained an injury. The game can't restart until the injured player has left the pitch. There is a perfectly good stretcher and two fit and healthy stretcher-bearers. The injured man is only two meters from the sideline.
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Waiting Room Medicine

With exponential Emergency Department over-crowding and spiraling waiting times, the Utopian College has produced a series of guidelines to assist fondling members.
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Chicken or the Egg?

Which came first - the chicken or the egg? Despite millennia of extensive research, evidential debate and philosophical procrastination the answer to this riddle still remains a mystery...or does it?
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Interview with the UCEM President

Today the UCEM released the first in a series of interviews by Hilda Lutenblag with Sir Hubert Ignatius Thompson the Third - President and primary fondling member of the Intergalactic Federation of the Utopian College of Emergency for Medicine.
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World Cup Fever WCF

World Cup Fever: pathological condition where healthy individuals manifest augmented physical responses in the presence of minor noxious stimuli.
LITFL Medical Humor 340

Not exactly emergency medicine is it?

More hilarious brilliance from ‘That Mitchell and Webb Look‘ – following on from their ‘homepathic A&E‘ masterpiece. This skit reminds me of a half-remembered anecdote from Frank Vertosick Jr.’s classic book about neurosurgical training, ‘When The Air Hits The Brain‘.…

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UCEM to Save the NHS

Egerton Y. Davis IV, Head of UCEM's Demographically Impartial Public & Social Health Improvement Taskforce, made an important announcement today. Davis said that his team have been allocated the task of saving Britain's National Health Service.
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Placebo Weirdness

Check out @ProfessorFunk‘s kinetic typography take on the utter weirdness of placebos, based on information from @BenGoldacre‘s superlative book, Bad Science. One way NOT to administer the ‘placebo’ effect…