Guido Werdnig

Guido Werdnig (1844 – 1919) was an Austrian neurologist.

independently of Johann Hoffmann (1857-1919), published a series of papers between 1891 and 1900 on the clinical and pathological findings in infants suffering from Werdnig–Hoffmann syndrome


  • Born 1844
  • Died 1919

Medical Eponyms

Werdnig–Hoffmann syndrome (1891, 1893)

[Hereditary motor neuropathy type 1; Spinal muscular atrophy type 1] Presents with hypotonia in infancy, with weakness in the limb, intercostal and bulbar muscles. Inheritance is autosomal recessive. The disease was first described in 1891 by Werdnig.

In 1893, Johann Hoffmann (1857-1919) wrote an account of ‘chronic familial spinal muscular atrophy’ which he later defined as ‘progressive spinal muscular atrophy’ in 1897. Subsequent descriptions by Sevestre (1899 – Paralysie flasque) and Hermann Oppenheim (1900 – myotonia congenita) led to ‘Werdnig-Hoffmann’ being applied specifically to spinal muscular atrophy

Major Publications


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