Huber-point needle


Hypodermic needle (needle which enters the skin)

Non coring type needle with a transversely curved wall and side hole giving it a long, sharp, curved tip. Differs from a typical needle where the opening of the needle is at the tip of the needle itself


  • Originally described in 1946 by Ralph Huber
  • Continuation of Huber’s hypodermic needle invention from 1943
  • Designed to reduced pain when injecting local anaesthetic for dental procedures

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Although Huber patented the needle he did not publish any papers demonstrating its use. In 1945 Edward Boyce Tuhoy used Huber’s needle design for placement of spinal catheters.Tuhoy described his needle with the Huber point prior to Hubers description of this in 1946- how this came to be is unclear. One theory suggests that Tuhoy may have encountered Huber’s inventions during his time in the military as many of Huber’s inventions were offered to the US Army during the War


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