J. Richard Ewald

Ernst Julius Richard Ewald (1855 – 1921) was a German physiologist.


  • Born 14 February 1855 in Berlin
  • Died 22 July 1921

Medical Eponyms
  1. A stimulation of the semicircular canal causes a movement of the eyes in the plane of the stimulated canal
  2. In the horizontal semicircular canals, an ampullopetal endolymph movement cases a greater stimulation than an ampullofugal one.
  3. In the vertical semicircular canals, the reverse is true.

Key Medical Contributions

Major Publications




  • Jongkees LB. J. R. Ewald. Arch Otolaryngol. 1966;83(6):615-619.
  • Hain TC. Ewald JR. Dizziness and Balance 2020

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