Tor Ercleve

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J. Richard Ewald
Biography Born 14 February 1855 in Berlin Died 22 July 1921 Medical Eponyms A stimulation of the semicircular canal causes a movement of the eyes in the plane of the stimulated canal In the horizontal semicircular canals, an ampullopetal endolymph…
Time is but a quotient
Euler in 1764 discovered that ℓ^i∏ +1 = ƛ, and therefore closely related to the imaginary numbers. Can this be transposed to Cadogan time?
The Tunneler
I can’t escape its screeching cries, Its siren serpents scorching eyes. It draws me deep into the neath, Below the wretches of the heath. Abducted from the cool fresh air, By a Sissyphean stair Whose relentless rapen churning crime Vaults…