James Hope

James Hope (1801 – 1841) was an English physician and cardiologist.



  • Born 23 February 1801 Stockport, England
  • 1825 – Medical degree, Edinburgh University
  • 1828 – MD Edin LRCP
  • 1839 – Full physician at St. George’s Hospital
  • 1840 – MRCS FRS FRCP
  • Died 12 May 1841 of pulmonary tuberculosis

Medical Eponyms

Hope sign (1832)

Systolic protrusion and retraction of the anterior chest wall in patients with pericardial adhesions

In five or six cases (and, since this was published seven years ago (1832), I may now say a much greater number) I have remarked one sign, which has not, to my knowledge, been hitherto noticed by others: namely, the heart, though enlarged, and when, therefore, it ought to beat preternaturally low down in the chest, beats as high up as natural, and sometimes occasions a prominence of the cartilages of the left precordial ribs (Cases of May, Harrison, a Boy, Payne, &c). We should, indeed, naturally expect that the adhesion would brace up the organ, and that, when enlarged and not able to descend, it must, being bounded behind by the spine, force the walls of the precordial region forward.

Hope 1839: 194

Key Medical Attributions

  • Auscultation (Father of heart sounds of cardiology) bit of a Barney with Graves and Stokes in 1839


Major Publications


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