James V. Ricci

James Vincent Ricci (1891 – 1955) was an Italian born-American gynecologist and historian.



  • Born 26 December 1891, Scapoli, Italy
  • 1912 – AB, Brown University
  • 1916 – MD, Harvard University
  • Clinical Professor of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at New York Medical College
  • Attending Gynaecologist at City Hospital, New York
  • Consultant in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Beekman-Downtown Hospital
  • Director of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Columbus Hospital
  • Died 1955

Medical Eponyms

Key Medical Contributions

Major Publications

  • Ricci JV. Principles of extraperitoneal Caesarean section. 1942
  • Ricci JV. The Genealogy of Gynaecology: history of the development of Gynaecology throughout the ages, 2000 BC – 1800 AD. 1943
  • Ricci JV. One hundred years of gynaecology, 1800-1900; a comprehensive review of the specialty during its greatest century with summaries and case reports of all diseases pertaining to women. 1945
  • Ricci JV. Diagnosis in gynaecology: a classification of gynaecological diseases based on aetiology and clinical logic for diagnosis. 1948
  • Ricci JV. The development of gynæcological surgery and instruments. 1949
  • Ricci JV. Aetios of Amida: The Gynecology and Obstetrics of the VIth Century A.D. Translated from the Latin Edition of Cornarius, 1542 and Fully Annotated. 1950
  • Ricci JV. The cystocele in America : a critical analysis of the American literature on cystocele and prolapse. 1950
  • Ricci JV. Aetios of Amida; the gynaecology and obstetrics of the VIth century, A.D. 1950



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