Jean-Baptiste Hippolyte Dance


Jean Baptiste Hippolyte Dance (1797 – 1832) was a French pathologist.



  • Born 21 February 1797 Saint-Pal-de Chalencon, France
  • Died of cholera on 18 April 1832 inParis

Medical Eponyms

Dance Sign (1826) sausage-like mass in the right upper quadrant with absence of bowel (or emptiness) in the right lower quadrant. The sign combines a visible depression/emptiness within the right iliac fossa and enlargement/fullness on the left side of the abdomen

The sign is most commonly observed in infants associated with intussusception of the bowel and occurring in up to 85% of cases.

The cecum and the colon had been so displaced that they had come to lodge in the sigmoid curve of the colon. In these three cases, the form of the abdomen presented something peculiar. The absence of the ascending cecum and ascending colon towards the right side of the abdomen caused a certain depression in this side, while on the left there was a longitudinal enlargement, a tumor more or less voluminous produced by the mass of intussusception

Dance 1826: 212
Original French description (1826)

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