Jean-Louis Alibert

Jean-Louis-Marc Alibert (1768 – 1837) was a French dermatologist.

Physician to Louis XVIII, of France. As chief physician de l’hôpital Saint-Louis, he devoted himself especially to a study of diseases of the skin, and is often referred to as the founder of French dermatology. His chief work was Traite Complet des Maladies de la Peau.


  • Born 2 May 1768, Villefranche-de-Rouergue, France
  • Membre de l’Académie nationale de médecine
  • Died 4 November 1837, Paris, France

Medical Eponyms

Alibert-Bazin syndrome (1825, 1858)

Historic term for mycosis fungoides. non-Hodgkin’s, cutaneous peripheral T-cell lymphoma, frequently also affecting the lymph nodes and viscera. Three stages: Premycoid; infiltrative and tumour stage. Characteristic symptoms are eczematoid eruption, psoriasis, dermatitis exfoliativa, and parapsoriasis; later circinate and gyrate elevated plaques of various sizes.

Alibert described Pian Fungoides, later mycosis (mushroom like) [1825 Tome II: 161-164]

Alibert disease [Alibert keloid, False keloid] (1816)

In 1816 – Alibert provided the first accurate description of keloid, although it had been previously described by Noël Retz (1758-1810) in 1790.

Thomas Addison (1793 – 1860) described two forms of keloid in 1849: ‘false keloid’ as described by Alibert; and ‘true keloid’ later termed morphea, or ‘Addison’s keloid‘.

Alibert mentagra [Dartre pustulose mentagre, Sycosis barbae] (1825)

Sycosis barbae is a chronic, recalcitrant folliculitis with inflammation of the surrounding skin area. Sycosis occurs in adult males and is most often precipitated by shaving trauma. ALibert describes symptoms of pruritus and a burning sensation, followed by the emergence of painful small pustules each pierced by a hair. When chronic the lesions develop a crust and undergo granulomatous change. Alibert Tome I: 201-203

Alibert Dartre pustulose mentagre 1825 Sycosis barbae
Alibert: Dartre pustulose mentagre 1825 (Sycosis barbae)

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