JellyBean 045 with Andrew Tagg

Worse things happen at sea. A charming man. A dapper chap. An adventurous fellow. It’s @andrewjtagg from DFTB in one of the funnier Jellybeans

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the Medic on one of those big cruise ships that sail around the world in an endless summer filled with wealthy people that do not have many summers left?

There is a reason that cruise ship doctor has a certain ring to it. It has a certain melodramatic potential. I think it’s because of the uniform. And the sex. Apparently there is an awful lot of sex. If Andrew were to write a FOAMed blog about being the ships doctor it might be called Don’t Forget the Bubbles (DFTB)

Dr Andrew Tagg cruised for 4 years. He has been everywhere. He certainly looks the part. He sounds good too. His clear elocution and dry, restrained humour is quite the contrast to his interviewer.

Of course he was running away from something, the same thing I was running away from; a Blair-ite NHS with a 4 hour ED rule. (Blair; Form over Content every time.) (And a war criminal.) (Allegedly.)

Andrew is one of 4 writers on DFTB. He works in the very interesting “Western Suburbs” of Melbourne and also in the publicly funded aeromedical retrieval service called “Adult Retrieval Victoria”. We have a good wee chat about many things other than the fall-out from “Shore Leave”.

Have a listen. Have a chuckle.

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