Jellybean 109 with Dr Daniel Schubert

Jellybean 109 with @DucSchub about love and death in the favela, about despair and hope from an unexpected source. From you. From FOAMed

This one is entirely in English. (Well almost.) Rio! What does that word make you think? Carnaval, football, Samba and sun or favelas, poverty, gangs and tragedy.

This one is a snapshot of Rio. Spanning the best and worst of a system under severe pressure. Seen from the point of view of one young doctor, one human being, one hard working and positive person that might just remind you of someone you know or someone you used to be.

Daniel is a fan of FOAMed and has managed to lead a Brazilian incursion into three SMACC’s. In Dublin it was Flavia Machado and Daniel, in Berlin there were 4 and in Sydney there were 8. This is a very different podcast to last week but it should be seen as a partner to Jellybean 108.

Daniel tells the story of his working life in Rio in the aftermath of the olympics, when the money had run out, the staff were not getting paid and his entire teaching hospital was very nearly closed. His department in a large public hospital, out in the Favelas, was basically out of money, out of staff, out of everything. Except Daniel. They had Daniel.

This is a great snapshot of one of the most fascinating places in the medical world not just because Rio is Rio but because Emergency Medicine is so young there.

Here are three Brazilian Instagram feeds that we recommend;


And a big shout out to Manrique Umana McDermott.

@umanamd is the Costa Rican King of #FOAMed on both Instagram and Twitter.

I told Daniel I was putting this podcast out and he told me he would probably miss it. He is volunteering in a remote medical mission way, way up the Amazon. He was about to get on the boat. This boat:

missoes nacionais

Want links? 

For a larger collection of the #FOAMed resources in Português (aka #FOAMedBRA or #LusoFOAM) see the show notes for Jellybean 108 “The Carnival Podcast” 

The little audio clips at the beginning and the end are topical. The actor and singer Seu Jorge is a Brazilian legend. Having shot to international recognition in the 2002 movie “City of God/Cidade de Deus” he has become a huge figure in Samba. This track is a cover of the Bowie classic “Oh! You pretty things” as performed for the wonderful Wes Anderson film “The Life Aquatic“. Both movies are recommended as is the associated album “The Life Aquatic, The studio sessions featuring Seu Jorge”.

While you are at it check out the 1959 classic Palm D’Or winning “Black Orpheus”.

Tune in next week.

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