John W Lachman

John W Lachman (1919 – 2007)

John W Lachman (1919 – 2007) was an American Orthopedic Surgeon.

Described as ‘a gentleman to the students, both a taskmaster and teacher for the residents, and a kind and careful physician with his patients…affectionately referred to as “Latch”…completely dedicated his life to serving two purposes: God and orthopedics’

Eponymously associated with the Lachman test of knee ligament stability (1976)


  • Born September 18, 1919 Philadelphia
  • Graduated Medicine Temple University School of Medicine
  • 1965 – Professor Emeritus and former Chairman of the Orthopedic Department at Temple University in Philadelphia
  • 1998 – Retired
  • Died September 22, 2007

Medical Eponyms

  • Lachman Test (1976) Knee examination clinical test to examine knee stability in particular the stability of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).


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English doctor, Southamptom graduate BM BS, training in emergency medicine in Perth, Australia

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