Joseph Rouanet

Joseph Rouanet (1797 – 1865) was a French physician.


  • Born 4 December 1797 Brassac, Saint-Pons (Hérault)
  • 1828-1832 Medical School in Paris
  • 1847 – Emigrated to United States
  • Died 1865 New Orleans

Medical Eponyms

Key Medical Attributions

Rouanet was the first person to state that the first and second heart sounds (S1 and S2) were as a result of the heart valves closing. He wrote in his 1832 MD thesis that first heart sound occurred when the atrioventricular (mitral and tricuspid) valves closed, and the second occurred when the semilunar (aortic and pulmonic) valves closed.

  • Published under J Rouanet – not Jean-Pierre as summised in 1922 by Souchon
  • On his emigration “…some heavy speculations in the stock market forced him to transfer his incontestable medical talents to America…”

Major Publications
  • Rouanet J. Analyse des bruits du coeur. Paris thesis, 1832 (No. 252). [Google eBook]
  • Rouanet J. Revue médicale française et étrangère. 1844 Tome III
  • Rouanet J. Critical Review of ‘A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of the Lungs and Heart, Including the Principles of Physical Diagnosis‘, by Prof. W. H. Walshe, of London. New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal. 1851-52;8: 521-529, 649-661, 800-809


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