Laza Lazarević

Lazar K. Lazarević (Лазаp К. Лазаревић) (1851 – 1891)

Lazar K. Lazarević (Лазаp К. Лазаревић) (1851 – 1891) was a Serbian psychiatrist, neurologist and writer

The founder of Serbian neurology and the author who first described and published the straight leg raising test (Lasègue test) in 1880


  • Born 13 May 1851, Šabac Serbia
  • 1872-1879 Studied medicine in Berlin
  • Died 10 January 1891 Belgrade (tuberculosis aged 39)

Medical Eponyms


In his short stories Lazarević became a spokesman of the Serbian struggle with the economic inequities of the times and the ever-present threats and dangers on his nation’s culture.

Major Publications
  • Lazarević LK. Ischias postica contunnii – jedan prilog za njenu diferencijalnu dijagnozu. Srpski arhiv za celokupno lekarstvo. 1880;7: 23-35 [Original article]
  • Lazarević LK. Ischias postica Cotunnii: a contribution to the differential diagnosis. Serbian Archives of Medicine 1880;7:23–35 [Article reproduce in 1952 PMID 13048855]
  • Lazarević LK. Ischias postica Cotunni. Ein Beitrag zu deren Differential-Diagose. Allgemeine Wiener medizinische Zeitung 1884; 29:437-8. [German article from 1884]


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