Liliane Schnitzler

Liliane Schnitzler (1938 - )

Liliane Schnitzler (1938 – ) French dermatologist.

  • Born 20 May 1938
  • 1965 – Intern in dermatology
  • 1970 – First woman to be Maître de Conférence Agrégé en dermatologie when she took up the post as head of the Angers dermatology department
  • Dermatovénéréologue, anatomopathologiste, ancien professeur d’université, ancien chef de service du centre hospitalier universitaire d’Angers.

Medical Eponyms
Schnitzler syndrome (1972, 1974)

Schnitzler’s syndrome was first reported in 1972 and then published as an autonomous entity in 1974 and 1989, by Liliane Schnitzler. Main clinical features include recurrent fever, an urticarial rash, muscle, bone, and/or joint pain, and enlarged lymph nodes. Monoclonal IgM or rarely IgG gammopathy is the biological hallmark of the disease

First described eponymously as Schnitzler’s syndrome in 1989 by Janier et al. The diagnosis is based on the Lipsker (2001) and recently on validated Strasbourg diagnostic criteria of: chronic urticarial rash, monoclonal gammopathy, intermittent fever, arthritis, arthralgia, bone involvement, hepatomegaly, splenomegaly, lymphadenopathy, dermal infiltration of neutrophils and laboratory markers of inflammation.

2012 Strasbourg Criteria. In order to establish guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of this syndrome, an expert meeting took place in Strasbourg, France, in May 2012. Although she is retired now, Liliane Schnitzler participated in the meeting and validated the conclusions

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Schnitzler syndrome

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