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POCUS - Clue Protocol

Series of 11 simple didactic videos demonstrating the principles of POCUS, starting with AAA evaluation

Emergency Procedures 680

Ring removal. The safest techniques for removing an entrapped ring from a finger, toe, or penis are reviewed and outlined with video demonstrations.

LITFL Top 100 CT scans

The next 15 cases in the Top 100 CT scan database is up and running with new cases with images, questions and labelled scans to test your basic knowledge

Latest updates from the #FOAMed world

The master of all things resuscitation, Cliff Reid, is back with a brilliant video looking at that dreaded scenario where the patient has impending doom. He gives us an approach to help them survive! A must-watch for all the resuscitationists out there.

The lads at Critical Care Time are back with an episode on Pressors: Beyond the Basics. It talks through when to add vasopressin to your noradrenaline, and when to consider adding in a vasopressor scavenger. Be sure you listen to part 1 first.

Treating DKA with subcutaneous insulin you say? Well, the team at RCEM goes through a recent study to see if it’s ready for prime time at the bedside. They also take a look at concussions, the physiologically difficult airway, and much more in this month’s podcast.

Is there a difference between giving NSAIDs orally vs. IM in patients in pain? Anand over at REBELEM takes us on a deep dive through the evidence, and it turns out that IM may not be as superior as we all think.


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