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AI in Healthcare LITFL 680

Here are 4 Artificial intelligence (AI) Prompting Techniques to help you stay ahead in medicine. AI prompting techniques are the key to using artificial intelligence efficiently and getting valuable output.

Toxicology Library Tox library 340

Button Battery Update 3.0: Button battery ingestion is one of the leading causes of death in paediatric poisoning and this has risen sharply since 2016 despite manufacturing warnings.

LITFL Top 100 CT scans

The next 15 cases in the Top 100 CT scan database are up and running with new cases with images, questions, and labelled scans to test your basic knowledge.

Latest updates from the #FOAMed world

Once again, the master of making complex things simple, aka Sara Crager from ICUedu, is back with a look at vasoplegia and how we should recognise and manage this condition at the bedside.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (or ACEs, for short) are no new thing, but only in recent decades have we come to realise the scope of their impact on children and the adults they become. The DFTB team tackles these big issues in this nice, concise summary.

We’re all seeing a rise in e-scooter-related trauma, but are there injury patterns the same as a bicycle? Simon Carly and St Emlyn’s takes us through a recent paper looking at the evidence.

Check out this 2-part series from EMcases covering wrists and carpal bones. You might think that wrist injuries are pretty straightforward, but many nuances in the diagnosis and management significantly affect outcomes.


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