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Subdural haematoma: a neuroimaging case interpretation with Madison Watts, Rebecca DeCarlo, Faith Meyers, and Steven Perry.

AI in Healthcare LITFL 680

15 Important AI Definitions Every Clinician Needs to Know: Glossary of essential AI terms vital for understanding and engaging with AI in healthcare, including AI, algorithms, machine learning, and more.

LITFL Top 100 CT scans

The next 10 cases in the Top 100 CT scan database are up and running with new cases with images, questions, and labelled scans to test your basic knowledge.

Latest updates from the #FOAMed world

Andy Neill of Emergency Medicine Ireland walks us through thyroid emergencies, covering the basics of physiology and the signs and symptoms of when the thyroid gland goes wrong.

Mastering the ventilator can be daunting, depending on how much exposure you get to these patients. This nuts and bolts approach to basic mechanical ventilation is provided by the team at EM Ottawa.

The lads from Critical Care Time are back with a 2-part jammed-pack podcast looking at things like managing and resuscitating the patient with a PE—make sure to listen to part 1 first!

Didn’t manage to keep up to date with all the literature in 2023? CCPEMed has you covered with this review of the hard-hitting studies published in critical care over the past year!


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