Louis Auguste Mercier (1811-1882)

Louis-Auguste Mercier (1811-1882) was a French urologist

Mercier recommended an elbow bend or coudé near the tip to facilitate its insertion (Mercier catheter and Mercier angle)

  • Born on August 21, 1811 at Plessis-Saint-Jean, France
  • Died on June 11, 1882 at Paris

Medical Eponyms
Coudé tip catheter (1845)

An elastic urethral catheter (Mercier catheter) with the tip at an angle (Mercier angle)

Je donne le nom de cathéters coudés à des instruments formés par une tige droite sur presque toute sa longueur, et courbée, à seulement 12 ou 16 millimètres de son extrémité, selon un angle presque droit (100 à 110 degrés).

Ces instruments me paraissent offrir tant d’avantages dans la pratique, qu’ils deviendront un jour, je n’en doute pas, d’un emploi général. Le modèle que je donne ici représente le cathéter qui me sert à esplorer d’une manière si précise la prostate,’ le col de la vessie et la vessie elle-même. La Fig. I donne une idée générale de l’instrument , elles Fig. II représente ses deux extrémités avec leurs dimensions réelles.

Mercier 1845

I give the name angled catheters to instruments formed by a straight rod over almost its entire length, and curved, only 12 or 16 mm from its end, at an almost right angle (100 to 110 degrees).

These instruments seem to me to offer so many advantages in practice that they will one day, I have no doubt, become of general use. The model that I give here represents the catheter which I use to explore in such a precise manner the prostate, the neck of the bladder and the bladder itself. Fig. I gives a general idea of the instrument, they fig. It represents its two ends with their real dimensions.

Mercier 1845

Coude tip catheter
Mercier 1845

Mercier Bar

Transverse curved ridge, extending across the bladder, which joins the two ureteric orifices. Often referred to as Mercier’s bar the transverse bundle of muscle fibres represents the posterior border of the trigone.

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