Marlis Tolksdorf

Marlis Tolksdorf (1924 – ) German cytogeneticist. Eponymously remembered for her description of Wiedemann-Tolksdorf syndrome in 1973

  • Born 1924
  • Kinderklinik der Universität, Kiel, Germany.
  • Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
  • Abteilung für Allgemeine Pädiatrie, Universität Kiel

The credit for our communications on various chromosomopathies is mainly due to Marlies Tolksdorf, with whom I worked for many years. It was she who organized and chaired the 1970 Annual Meeting of the Federal German Human Cytogeneticists, which was held in Kiel

Hans-Rudolf Wiedemann 1992

Medical Eponyms
Wiedemann-Tolksdorf syndrome (1973)

A syndrome of mental retardation, delayed speech development, accelerated growth, peculiar sheep-like facies [Schafsgesicht], and deformities of the fingers and toes.

First described in 1973 by Tolksdorf and Hans-Rudolf Wiedemann (1915-2006), and attributed as eponym by Schönenberg in 1974

Major Publications

  • Name: Marlies / Marlis




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