Nikolay Sergeevich Korotkov

Nikolay Korotkov

Nikolay Sergeevich Korotkov (Николай Сергеевич Коротков) (1874-1920) was a Russian surgeon

  • 1893-1998 еntered the Kharkov University (Ukraine), but graduated with honors from Moscow University
  • Translated into Russian by Edward Albert’s monograph “Die Chirurgische Diagnostik”
  • 1900 was awarded the right to wear the Red Cross badge of honor for his active participation in the development of medical care in the Russian Far East
  • 1902 was awarded the Order of Saint Anna 3rd class “For excellent medical care to wounded and sick soldiers”
  • In the City of St. Petersburg there is a street named after Nikolay Korotkov

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  • Born 26 February 1874 Kursk
  • Died 14 March 1920 Leningrad

Medical Eponyms

  • Korotkoff sounds: pulse-synchronous circulatory sounds in auscultation of blood pressure using Riva-Rocci sphygmomanometer.
  • Korotkoff method: non-invasive auscultatory technique to determine the systolic and diastolic blood pressure using а sphygmomanometer and а stethoscope.
  • Korotkoff test: test of collateral circulation when aneurysm present. If the blood pressure in the peripheral circulation remains fairly high while the artery above the aneurysm is compressed, the collateral circulation is good.

Key Medical Attributions


  • Korotkov is Romanised as Korotkoff

Major Publications

  • Korotkoff N.S. On methods of studying blood pressure [in Russian]. Bull Imperial Mil Med Acad. 1905;11:365-367. [English translation in Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine. 1941;17:877-879] [Korotkov sounds]
  • Korotkoff N.S. On methods of studying blood pressure: second presentation [in Russian]. Izv. Imper. Voen-med Acad. 1906;12:254-257
  • Korotkoff N.S. Experiments for Determining the Strength of Arterial Collaterals. Saint-Petersburg, Russia: Imperial Military Medical Academy; 1910. [Korotkov test]


  • Krylov D.O. Determining blood pressure by using the sound method of Doctor Korotkoff [in Russian]. Izv. Imper. Voen-Med Acad. 1906;13:113-135, 221-233, 319-328.
  • Lewis W.H. The evolution of clinical sphygmomanometry. Bull N Y Acad Med. 1941;17:871-881. [PMC1933722]
  • Segall H.N. Dr. N.S. Korotkoff: discoverer of the auscultatory method for measuring arterial pressure. Ann Intern Med. 1965;63(1):147-149.
  • Shevchenko Y.L., Tsitlik T.E. 90th Anniversary of the Development by Nikolay S. Korotkoff of the Auscultatory Method of Measuring Blood Pressure. Circulation. 1996; 94(2):116-8. [PMID 8674166]

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