Ralph M. Waters

Ralph Milton Waters (1883 – 1979) was an American anesthesiologist.

Waters is best known as the founder of the first academic program in anesthesiology, at the University of Wisconsin

  • Born 9 October 1883 North Bloomfield, Ohio
  • 1945 – President of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA)
  • Died 19 December 1979

Medical Eponyms
Waters To-and-Fro Carbon Dioxide Absorption Canister (1923)
Guedel-Waters Cuffed intratracheal tube (1928)
Guedel-Waters Cuffed intratracheal tube (1928)
Guedel-Waters Cuffed intratracheal tube (1928)

The catheter effectively prevents all air leaks and renders the respiratory system entirely closed, with a controllable to and fro respiratory exchange. Aspiration of foreign matter into the lungs is not possible with the catheter in place.

Guedel, Waters 1928
Waters Airway (1930)

The Waters Airway (OPA) has a side port or “nipple” to deliver air or oxygen via tubing. Designed as a metal airway to prevent patients from accidentally biting on the airway and occluding gas flow.

Waters Airway OPA Ralph M Waters
Ralph M Waters Airway OPA modified

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