Riding the FOAM of ECG Waves

The FOAMed movement has facilitated access to myriad online educational resources and journals, previously locked behind a paywall.

This is an important update for all LITFL readers who enjoy putting the F into FOAM…

Dr Araz Rawshani who runs the awesome ecgwaves.com is providing all 3 e-books, videos, tutorials and quizzes to LITFL readers…for FREE until October 31, 2019

We previously reviewed ecgwaves in our Top 20 Online ECG Courses

This is a beautifully simple and structured ECG educational program. The Clinical ECG Interpretation course is centered around a series of ECG interpretation books with videos to supplement the textbook content. ECG principles are iterated well and backed up with simple yet comprehensive diagrams, videos and learning challenges. 5 star resource.

So dive in, enjoy this comprehensive in-depth, functional ECG online educational resource for FREE

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  • Checkout with the coupon code LITFL
  • Immerse yourself in this fantastic resource, for free, for ever

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