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Stephen Fabes signs of life LITFL review 340

Book Review. Signs of Life

For stories of courage, of boundless philosophical meanderings, and, of course, of travel. Signs of Life, a sort of cycling travel medical memoir, by Dr Stephen Fabes, has it all

House of God

It has been many years since I first read 'The House of God' by Samuel Shem, back before I even started medical school. It made me wonder what the hell I was getting myself into.
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Riding the FOAM of ECG Waves

FOAMed movement has facilitated access to myriad online educational resources and journals, previously locked behind a paywall. ecgwaves update for all LITFL readers who enjoy putting the F into FOAM...

Debrief 2 Learn

As we move along the top shelf of resources for clinician educators it is inevitable that we come to Debrief2Learn
keylime podcast 340

ICE blog and the KeyLIME podcast

As a FOAM-embracing Clinician Educator it is heartening to see the rise of high quality FOAM resources designed to help educators, not just those they educate. Of course, we are all students really, but I think this is further evidence…