Robert Andrew Hingson

Robert Andrew Hingson (1913-1996) was an American anesthesiologist.

Pioneer in anesthesiology best known for introducing caudal and epidural anesthesia into the practice of obstetrical anesthesia

Pioneer in humanitarian aid and public health. Founded Brothers’ Brother Foundation (BBF) an inter-faith volunteer group assisting in global humanitarian and immunisation efforts.

Combined forces with obstetric colleague Waldo B. Edwards to combine the advantages of continuous spinal anesthesia with the safety of extradural nerve block via the sacral hiatus to reach the peridural space.

  • 1913 – Born in Annniston, Alabama
  • 1938 – Graduated Doctorate of medicine from Emory University Atlanta, Georgia. Delivered 82 babies as a junior medical student; many of the mothers had no anaesthesia
  • 1939 – Interned at the US Marine Hospital on Staten Island and joined the US Coast Guard as a Public Health Officer
  • 1941 – Appointed Chief of Anesthesia at the US Marine Hospital, New York. Whilst looking after many military wives (and his own pregnant wife), he became interested in obstetric anesthesia
  • 1945 – Professor of Anaesthesiology at the University of Tennessee in Memphis
  • 1962 – Led a team that immunized a million people against smallpox in Liberia, West Africa.
  • 1973 – Professor of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
  • 1987 – Received the President’s Volunteer Action Award from President Ronald Reagan, for International Voluntarism
  • 1991 – Recipient of the Gaston Labat Award from the American Society of Regional Anaesthesia
  • 1996 – Died on the 9th October secondary to the complications of polymyositis.
Medical Eponyms

Hingson-Edwards caudal needle

Hingson Field Unit

Hingson Peace Gun – high-speed jet injectors, which can deliver precise dosages of medications, including local anesthetics and vaccines. Production-line immunization began in 1956 when Hingson and his team inoculated children with the Salk vaccine in Cleveland, Ohio. Eventually more than 300,000 patients were immunized via jet injection, primarily against polio and influenza

Western Reserve Midget – a portable manual respirator that is easy to carry and delivers a brief general anesthetic.

Major Publications

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