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Furuncular myiasis

Today we explore the evolving 'furuncle' or boil. A simple enough beast to deal with under normal circumstances - but in the returning traveler...myriad possibilities raise their ugly heads
arcanum veritas LITFL 340

Top 10 Food for Emergencies

Every emergency department needs to keep a well-stocked pantry. No, not just so that the night staff can survive the torture of middle-of the-night hunger pains. Different types of food can save lives in medical emergencies, or at least help take away a whole lot of suffering...Top ten list of food items that could help in a medical emergency
Look on the Bright Side 340

Look on the Bright Side

Having a toothpick fish (the Candiru) take a detour up your urethra doesn't really bear thinking about. The idea of maggots crawling around under your skin sickens you. It is true, humans are afflicted by some pretty nasty parasites. At we can least be thankful for bacon. But things could be much, much worse.