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SMACC 2019 yellow education communication 340

Psychology of trauma care

Trauma care should be easy… shouldn’t it? So why doesn’t it feel easy? The clinical component is the easy bit, the challenge is the non-technical factors.
Aequanimitas osler 340

It’s up to us

In the critical care specialties we have to make things happen, sometimes this involves life-saving actions that may have never before performed. We must be ready, after all, in the words of Peter Safar, "it's up to us to save the world!"
Resuscitology Conference 340Resuscitology Conference 340

Introducing: Resuscitology

Resuscitology - the art and science of saving lives - is a two-day residential course for resuscitationists in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia


Cliff Reid and Brian Burns talk about a recent life-changing experience… participation in the amazing ATACC course.

Three Men and a Microphone

'Three Men and a Microphone' is a special edition of the RAGE podcast (let's face it, RAGE podcasts are so infrequent they're all special!) featuring RAGE Resusciteer Cliff Reid in conversation with these special guest RAGErs: