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Resuscitology Conference 340Resuscitology Conference 340

Resuscitology: learning, connection, and positive change

Guest author Cliff Reid (@cliffreid) is an emergency physician and prehospital/ retrieval physician with Sydney HEMS. He is the creator of Resus.ME, and co-creator of the RAGE podcast and the Resuscitology course. Chris Nickson (LITFL



Cliff Reid and Brian Burns talk about a recent life-changing experience… participation in the amazing ATACC course. The Jocko Willink reference about “Good” is here: The reference to knowing about your limits: Cliff and his ATACC

RAGE Podcast

What a great job!

Cliff Reid – tasked with delivering a talk titled ‘What a great job!’


Making Things Happen

A RAGE podcast team taster with Cliff Reid at SMACC