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Pens, Swords and Peer Review

Have you ever submitted a scientific paper to a journal? Here are some insights into the Herculean labours of getting a paper published in a medical journal (with MJA excerpts).
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Randomisation is the process of assigning clinical trial participants to treatment groups such that each participation has a known (usually equal) chance of being assigned to any of the groups
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Before-and-after studies

Non-experimental observational study design used to assess the effect of an intervention based on comparison of outcomes prior to its use and afterward
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Retrospective Studies and Chart Reviews

Retrospective studies are designed to analyse pre-existing data, and are subject to numerous biases as a result. Types of retrospective studies include: case series; retrospective cohort studies; case-control studies
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ICU Outcomes

Outcome measures are important for research and quality control; clinically meaningful outcomes measure how patients feel, function or survive, e.g. mortality, quality of life
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Phases of Clinical Research

Phases of clinical research are the steps taken to gather evidence to determine whether a novel intervention or treatment is safe and effective for clinical use