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Just how clean is that water container?

If you’re drinking water when recreating (and you should be), how important is choice of container to the cleanliness of the water? Proponents of water bottles certainly show how much easier they are to clean than your average hydration bladder.…

EBM Gone Wild mountain 340

Don’t drink the water

Well, not unless you filter it first. Don't drink the water. This article discusses the diagnosis and treatment of a rare condition, and pitfalls of an inadequate physical examination.
EBM Gone Wild mountain 340

How to prevent diarrhea when hiking

Drinking surface water while hiking through the wilderness exposes you to gastrointestinal infections. A significant amount of education about this has been directed at decontamination of the water.
EBM Gone Wild mountain 340

Drinking water on the cheap

Anyone who goes backpacking knows that suitable water can be hard to find. Contaminated water can make for serious health problems. For those areas where people live with contaminated water, the problem is compounded, as children have significantly higher mortality…