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Terry-Thomas (1911 – 1990) 340


Terry-Thomas (1911–1990) was an English comedian and character actor. The Terry-Thomas sign was proposed in 1977 by surgeon Victor H Frankel
Terry-Thomas sign 680

Terry-Thomas Sign

Terry-Thomas Sign: increased distance between the scaphoid and the lunate (scapholunate space) Described by Frankel in 1977
Bennett fracture 680

Bennett fracture

Bennett fracture: Intra-articular fracture of the base of first metacarpal with carpometacarpal joint involvement. Edward Hallaran Bennett (1837-1907)
Rolando fracture 2 680

Rolando fracture

Rolando fracture (1910) Comminuted T/Y-shaped intra-articular three-part fracture base of first metacarpal. Silvio Rolando (1873-1949)