Terry-Thomas (born: Thomas Terry Hoar Stevens) (1911 – 1990) was an English comedian and character actor.

Eponymously affiliated with the Terry-Thomas sign

The Terry-Thomas sign was proposed in 1977 by orthopedic surgeon – Victor H Frankel when likening the AP wrist XR of scapholunate dissociation to the upper central dental diastema of actor Terry-Thomas

  • Born on July 10, 1911
  • Died January 8, 1990

Medical Eponyms
Terry-Thomas Sign (1977)

Terry-Thomas Sign is the increased distance between the scaphoid and the lunate (scapholunate space) on AP XR of the wrist associated with scapholunate dissociation. Frankel in 1977, likened the widening of the scapholunate interval to the ‘upper central dental diastema‘ of British comedian Terry-Thomas

Terry-Thomas sign scapholunate and diastema
Terry-Thomas sign


The hyphen: Thomas Terry Hoar Stevens tried multiple variations of his name in preparation for a career on the stage. First with ‘Tom Stevens‘, then reversing as ‘Mot Snevets‘ before finally settling for ‘Terry Thomas‘. He later added the hyphen (‘Terry-Thomas‘), which he likened to the gap between his teeth.



Eponymous terms


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