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James Sherren (1872-1945) 680

James Sherren

James Sherren (1872-1945) British General surgeon. Eponym: Sherren's triangle - area of hyperaesthesia associated with appendicitis

Henry Head

Biography Medical Eponyms Head’s zones (1893-1896) Zones of skin hyperalgesia, associated with visceral disease. Referred sensation from the viscera, such as shoulder tip pain with gall bladder disease Head-Holmes syndrome (1911) Sensory changes produced by lesions of the cerebral cortex…

William Halse Rivers

Biography Born 12 March 1864, Chatham, England Died 4 June 1922, Cambridge, England Medical Eponyms Key Medical Attributions Sir Henry Head (1861 – 1940) and James Sherren (1872 – 1945) had tried to determine the sensibility remaining after complete division of all cutaneous nerves…